Mercedes-Benz S500 Cabrio

Max power: 455 hp
Max speed: 250 km/h
Acceleration 0—100: 4,6 sec.

Magnificent, isn’t it? The all-new Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet is obviously just a soft-top, two-door S-Class, but it looks so much grander than the already fabulous hard-top. Thing is, unlike most other Mercedes, this isn’t a Benz that competes directly with Audis and BMWs. This is a rival for Bentley, for Aston Martin, and Ferrari. Bizarre as it may seem, in that rarefied, exotic-badged, artisan company, this Benz is the least impressive badge. It’s the mainstream one. You can hire Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet in Dubai and personally check out, what its 4.7-liter, 449-hp twin-turbo V-8 with 516 lb-ft of torque on tap at an early 1,800 rpm, routed through Benz’s nine-speed transmission does. This luxury cabriolet can hit 60 mph in an impressive 4.5 seconds. It’s a comfortable and cosseting car, a wonderfully relaxed and long-legged pan-European tourer that’s also clever enough to brake and steer by itself should the situation require it. So if you want to get unforgettable experience and absolutely pleasure from driving you must try and rent Mercedes S500 convertible in Dubai.