Ferrari 488 Spider

Max power: 670 hp
Max speed: 325 km/h
Acceleration 0—100: 3 sec.

And after 488 GTB was released as per tradition new Ferrari 488 Spider was introduce to public. Hard top which can be removed by only pressing one button goes down so quick that you can do it while waiting your Green light on traffic signal. So your car is not just sport coupe anymore but elegant yet a bit aggressive luxury extremely fast and fabulous open roof super car! To drive around during mid-season in convertible car it is unique feeling and unforgettable memories if you hire Ferrari 488 Spider in Dubai Dubai Wheels Rent a Car This car brand is one of the most elegant and desirable car to drive. To take some video and photos or to feel the speed and adrenaline in your blood, this car will give you what you expect in both scenarios. Looking stylish and a bit aggressive with wind shields on each side, new facelift and exhaust in the middle of back side of car it is catching an eye of every person who is passing by. So rent Ferrari 488 Spider in Ferrari 488 Spider and treat yourself as a millionaire, enjoy your amazing vacation and collect memories!