Ferrari 488

Max power: 670 hp
Max speed: 325 km/h
Acceleration 0—100: 3 sec.

The first Ferrari 488 to be introduced was 488 GTB where GTB stands for Grand Turismo Berlinetta. It was launched on 3 February 2015 just before the Geneve Motor Show. Ferrari 488 GTB is replacing previous model 458 Italia features very sculptural flanks which are the key to its character. Surprisingly, the 488 GTB is capable of delivering the pleasure of driving and unforgettable impressions to both the inexperienced driver and the sophisticated driver. Dubai offers you great opportunity to taste luxury lifestyle in full with its Five stars hotels, fabulous restaurants, posh night clubs and lounges, perfect beaches. It is truly pleasure to rent new Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai and drive around this dream city with its strait slide roads with world famous Icons and landmarks. With it new twin turbo V8 4,5cc engine supercar takes 0-100 within 3,4 sec only! And if you try to sit behind Ferrari wheel for the first time, you will remember it for the rest of your life! Fast, stylish, posh, powerful, elegant yet strong body lined will allow you to feel yourself Formula 1 pilot and very rich and famous celebrity at the same time! Hire Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai is probably the best way to add fancy and exclusivity to your vacation!