Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

Max power: 500 hp
Max speed: 301 km/h
Acceleration 0—100: 5 sec.

Being one of the most favorite cars of hip-hop singers and millionaires around the world Bentley Continental GT can deliver all you wish from luxury coupe or convertible on the spot! Smooth and impressive yet a bit aggressive body lines and finest finishing in interior or exterior design and lovely exhaust sound when you press accelerator and different option in engine power and size will definitely meet and exceed your expectations from one of the best English car. When you hire Bentley GTC in Dubai V8 twin turbo engine with 521 HP will take you from 0-100km in just less than 5 seconds and this is the power you really must to try! You will not see this car so often on Dubai’s roads, means you definitely drive an eye catching car and hundreds people in neighbor cars or pedestrians will notice you excellent choice. If you visit UAE during mid-season you better choice will be to rent Bentley GT Convertible in Dubai as it will allow you to take maximum from that pleasant weather and feel excitement from driving convertible car across the city. Take a tour to all 7 Emirates to see completely different landscapes from sand to rock mountain outside of your window. Soft convertible roof can be hidden in just few seconds and normal coupe can be transformed to a four seater cabriolet to let you get some tan while you driving Bentley GTC for rent in Dubai.