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Answers for frequently asked Questions:

What is minimum time of rent?

Minimum time of rent is 24 hours. If you returned the car earlier, money for unused time is not returned.

What if my plans will change? Can I change dates and time or refuse to hire?

Yes, you can change date and time, choose another car and also cancel the service. After booking on your e-mail you will receive a letter, where will be set all conditions including information about when and how you can cancel your order free. Following the link to the reservation page you can manage your booking online.

Can I get/hand over a car after hours?

While you are searching for a car, specify the exact date and time when you want to pick up/return the vehicle. If no cars are found for a given time, the system will offer you the most suitable options. Some rental companies serve customers after hours, but may be charged additional fees.

What to do in case of car breakdown or accident?

In case of car breakdown, you should immediately contact local representative of the rental company. You will get new car or company will do repairmen. If you are involved in an accident, call representative of the rental company and police. You need to have copies of all documents

Is it possible to cross the border in a rented car?

If you want to cross the border of another country, please inform in advance. You may need additional documents to enter certain countries. There may be an extra fee for traveling outside the border.